Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hobby Farming: Chickens

My husband and I are trying to utilize our nine acres in several ways. We are interested in hobby farming as well as trying to be more self-sufficient and "green." We have had chickens in the past, but we lost them all at once when a fox decided to attack. They were free range and the fox attacked during the day. It has been two years, so we decided to try again. We have 25 Rhode Island Red chicks that are growing fast. The brown eggs we get from this breed of chickens are great. I love fresh eggs!
Our plan this year is to use as many of the eggs as we can, then sell and give the rest away. I already have some people giving me egg cartons in anticipation of the fresh eggs they will buy from me in the fall when the chickens are mature. I work with many local families during my job as a home based speech pathologist. I plan to donate our extra eggs to these families because I know they will be appreciated and enjoyed.
In the past we have only had 12 chickens at a time. My husband wanted to get more this year so that we could also use some of the chickens for meat. I had never been in agreement with this in the past, but the more I read about homesteading and hobby farming, I realize that it is sensible, economical and healthy. The breed we chose is a good dual purpose bird. Great eggs and great meat. My husband is completely in charge of the butchering process. I told him that I want the chicken presented to me as if he had just arrived home from the grocery store with it. This is just one of the ways we are making a small attempt to be less dependent on others and use our property for something worthwhile.


  1. Aw, they're so cute! I couldn't eat them, lol.

  2. oh they are so cute!!! Think I'm going to start with carrots and potatoes and go from there....