Monday, June 22, 2009


Last night my husband called me outside to see this beautiful sunset. I love how the puffy clouds in the distance look like they are on the ground. I have always loved watching and photographing sunsets. I took many sunset photos when I lived in Hawaii and Florida. I also have several from locations in New York and anywhere I may have seen a beautiful sunset. Someday I will scan all of them and have them for projects such as note cards. They are all from the days of 35mm cameras and I do not have them all scanned transferred to disk yet! That is a project to tackle when I get time.
In high school and college I decorated my rooms with posters of sunsets and photos of sunsets that I had taken. When my husband and I were dating, the first time around, I visited him in Naples,Florida and he knew I loved sunsets. He took me to the Gulf of Mexico to see a beautiful sunset. In those days, he wasn't really romantic, and while I walked the beach and enjoyed the beautiful view, he sat in his truck. I still have the photos I took on that day. Now, more than 25 years later, he sits and enjoys the sunsets with me!

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