Friday, June 12, 2009


Yesterday my husband discovered these beautiful Iris flowers growing in the front corner of our property. We have lived here 10 years and we have never seen these before! We don't usually go to that part of the yard, but I'm so glad he found them! Seeing them brought back some memories. When I was small, my mom had a huge row of Irises across the front of our yard as a natural fence between the yard and the road. I have very vivid memories of her cutting them and placing them in vases throughout our home.

As a college student, I became friends with a guy from Tennessee. The Iris is the Tennessee state flower. He collected Iris and Herringbone Depression Glass. He and I would go to antique shops and search for pieces to add to his collection. After college, I continued looking for pieces of this glass and started a collection of my own. The Iris and Herringbone Depression Glass was produced by the Jeannette Glass Company in Pennsylvania from 1928-1932. It was made in a clear crystal as well as an iridescent color as seen above. I had pieces in both colors. Some of the pieces were also produced later into the 50's. After I got married, I stopped collecting this glass and eventually sold my colletion on ebay.
I have always planned to plant Iris bulbs on our property, but haven't yet. When they are ready, I will dig these up and replant them where I can see and enjoy them. I was sure to cut them and bring them into the house to enjoy the same way my mom used to.

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  1. I love when flowers just pop up! How wonderful. Iris' always take me back to walking home from school past pretty yards full of flowers. I'm sure I picked a few along the way (unclear of the good neighbor rules) to bring home to my mom!

    Such pretty dishes.

    I'm enjoying your blog, and thanks for visiting mine!!