Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Making Other Writers Rich

Although I have not had anything published, I am a writer. As a teenager, I kept journals and wrote poetry. In college, I enjoyed the research papers and writing assignments in all of my courses. After college, I took a course in writing children's stories, and helped my sister with her college research projects. For over twenty years as a speech pathologist, I have written lessons, goals, progress summaries, quarterly reports, evaluation reports, stories to use in therapy and endless lists. I have written letters to parents, letters to teachers and letters of justification to agencies. As a mom, I have co-authored and edited many reports from the life of raccoons to the life of Mohammad Ali. As a hobbyist I have written several children's stories, started a cookbook, and proposed a non-fiction book to several publishers. Currently I am enjoying this blog as an outlet for my need to write. As you see from the pictures, I have helped other writers by buying their books. I know everything I need to do to write books and get them published. I have all the knowledge I need for marketing a published book. I have all the sources for using the best words, using the most proper form, and ways to profit from writing. The only thing missing is the time to write. I squeeze it in whenever possible, but my paying job, family, and activities of daily living seem to always take priority. I have a long term goal and a short term plan for my writing. I will get my current stories sent out to possible publishers. I will also pursue my current projects with a new enthusiasm and priority. I will be published.


  1. Keep your goal in front of you and you WILL succeed!

  2. I've always harbored a desire to author something. Anything, really. Perhaps one day when our family moves to the Adirondacks the need to write will resurface. Good luck to you!

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