Monday, June 8, 2009

Scenes from a Country Walk

We own 9 acres of our own, with a pond. We are neighbors to a farm that uses the land next to us for his show cows and pregnant cows. They use his pasture and also ours. We let him use ours to help us by keeping our pasture grass short and give us the feeling of owning cows without the expense. It helps the neighbor by giving his cows more area to graze. My husband started walking through the farm's back pasture this winter on his snowshoes. This spring we started walking it for exercise. The perimeter of the pasture we walk is approximately one mile. We can see our house from the pasture, but it's really another world out there in nature. We have seen horses owned by horse farms that also border us. We have seen deer, turkey, rabbits, cows, the bull and other little critters. The pictures above are things we have seen on our walks. It's great to get back to nature in our back field. We can see distant mountains and walk among the wildlife. We would rather take daily walks here than on sidewalk lined city streets. Fresh air is very relaxing.

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