Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Job and Community Service Project

My son is 14 this year, he will be 15 soon after he enters school in the fall. He has his first summer job working at the Sox Market in Lake George, New York. It is in the factory outlet strip before you get into the actual village of Lake George. His job is to sell socks! That is basically all this store sells, with the exception of gloves and the occassional umbrella, flip-flop, scarf or other random accessory.
He has decided that he can also work a community service project into his job. He received permission from his manager, to place a box in the shop and ask for people to purchase an extra pair of socks to donate. This will also help the store by increasing sales. He will collect donations until the Christmas season. He will then donate the socks to his school to be distributed to needy families in the district through the social workers and programs that the school has to help families during the holidays.
This is an excellent way for him to combine earning money for the first time as well as starting a community service project of which he can be very proud.
If you are interested in shopping at a Sox Market, there is also one in Kittery, Maine; Manchester, Vermont; and Burlington, Vermont.

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