Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old Chair Gets New Life

The first picture is of a sad old chair that my husband salvaged from a construction site he worked at about six years ago. We had it in our office for 3 was not quite as dirty...but it wasn't pretty either. I got a new chair for the office about three years ago and this chair went out to the garage. It was there that it acquired the lovely patterns of grease, dirt and grime. Now that I have a little studio in my basement, Eddie thought I could use the chair. It is a very comfortable chair, but the look was a little less than inviting. I decided to cover it with some material that my mother-in-law sent me when she cleaned out some of her supplies. I think it looks great.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bicycle Rack

This unique bicycle rack is just one of many throughout the small historic village of Schuylerville, NY. They are all painted in bright colors and make unique functional sculptures. They are made at the Bike and Board Shop on the main street of town. I just think they are a cute addition to a quaint old village.

Carousel House

This beautiful home is located in the small historic village of Stillwater, NY. The owners have used the unique design of the house to incorporate a carousel theme into the porch with painted wooden horses. It is very eye catching and beautiful. The top level of the home is hidden a bit behind the tree, but it caps off the carousel perfectly.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Antique Show

Today Eddie and I went to an Antique Show at the Washington County Fairgrounds. It was giant! All of the buildings at the fair were filled! We walked around for at least two hours. We loved many of the old furniture items. I loved the windows, and many other things. I have never been to a show this big. We will have to remember to go next year...and maybe put a little money aside to splurge on something. I wish we had a bigger and more antique home that we could furnish with antique show finds! It was a nice day though!

Window Wonderland

I have recently become very interested in collecting windows to reuse in creative ways. I have collected the ones I currently have by roadside finds. Although I have some great ones, I loved some of the many windows we saw at the antique show today. I did not buy any of them, but I wish I could have had all of them!

Salt and Pepper Shakers

I love these salt and pepper shakers that I inherited from my Grandmother. They originally belonged to my Great-Grandmother. They are two sided, showing a Before and After view of a married couple! I think they are so cute.