Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some Custom Projects We've Done

This sign was made for a family near Saratoga,NY. We live by Saratoga, NY which is famous for its horse racing and horse farms.

This was a custom project for a local man. It represents his brother and son on one of their fishing trips they took together with a dog. Both of them have died and this will be part of a memorial he is making for them. On each of the ends it has their initials and date of their death. He will be placing a water feature in the center of it and displaying it in his yard after he paints it.

This sign was made as a gift for neighbors of my husband's parents in Florida. They own horses and cows.
We have made many custom projects. I have many pictures of them, but with my dial-up service, the pictures with a high resolution will not upload. I now know to use the lower resolution setting on my camera for the pictures I plan to use. I also made the mistake of not remembering to take pictures of many of our custom items. That mistake will not be made again! To see more of our custom projects go to our website custom page.

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