Sunday, March 22, 2009


A long, long time about 1987 I took some oil painting classes. I completed 12 paintings and I loved it. These are two of the ones that I still have. I gave away my favorite ones as gifts and I hope to get pictures of them someday. These are the best ones of the 6 I still have. I miss painting and I think I was getting fairly good at it. My favorite one was a fall scene with a waterfall in a small creek. I also did a storm scene, a sunset, a winter mountain scene and several others. I still have an interest in painting, but do not currently have a place or the time to pursue it. It is something that is on my list of things to find the time to do again though. It was relaxing and a nice outlet for creativity. My mother in law was nice enough to send me a picture of the winter scene I gave them. I added it above.

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