Sunday, March 8, 2009

AJ Learning To Use The Wood Lathe

Today was the first day it was above 50 degrees this year. Eddie pulled out the wood lathe that his mother and father brought up from Florida when they visited last spring. He doesn't have a woodshop separate from the metal shop, so he has to use woodworking tools outside for now. Eddie made a post that he might make into a lamp. AJ decided to go out and learn how to use it too. He started out with a square piece of wood, but wanted to see faster results. He traded it for a log and made quicker work of it. The last picture is his final product. He did an excellent job and wants to make more things. It was nice to see him and his dad work together.


  1. Hi!Nice your works and your family's recipes! =P

    I see you're on does it works? I was thinking to log in...some hint??! Thanks! =D

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