Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rainwater Collection for Our Garden

This is our "starter" rainwater collection system.  We collect the rain from our back porch and it fills this black plastic barrel.  My husband made the simple screen filter to put over the top to prevent leaves from falling in the water.  When it is full we use the faucet and attached hose to fill the sturdy gallon jugs (from iced tea)  We find they are much better than milk jugs, but they will work too.  We use the jugs to do watering of our garden at the base of each plant.  We still have to use the hose at times, but we are saving quite a bit by using what we can.  Eventually, we would love to have a bigger system and not have to use any water from the house.  We pay for city water by the gallon, so it is saving us some money too.

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