Friday, July 11, 2014

My Vintage Patterns Etsy Shop

I recently opened an Etsy shop called OldPatternsAndMore. I have currently listed over 100 patterns from the 1950s through more recent years.  I love the look of the patterns with the styles from so long ago.  Check out the site and share with others who may be interested in old patterns.  I started my interest in the patterns when I saw a television show that talked about how vintage patterns were sought after by collectors.  I decided to start looking for them and have been able to find all of my patterns at yard sales, auctions or from relatives who just happen to have some in their closet.  I was getting more than I thought I would.  Rather than trying to sell them on eBay I decided to open a specialty Etsy shop with old patterns and related items.  It has been very fun to start.  I made my first two sales of 5 total patterns soon after I listed some Vintage Vogue Patterns and I have made two more sales quickly. I think I am addicted!   I do have some patterns that are missing pieces.  I have decided to make home decor craft projects out of the vintage package and pattern pieces.  I will share when those are completed.

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