Sunday, August 12, 2012

Seasoning Old Cast Iron Skillets

This project started when Ed read an article in the current Countryside magazine called "Rusty Gold."  It was an article about rescuing old cast iron pans. We happened to have six old skillets lying around.  His friend gave him a set of three skillets and his parents had given him a set of three skillets the same size as the other set. So with six pans and a sand blaster, he went to work.  Some sources say not to use a sandblaster because it may decrease the value of the pans...but we aren't selling them. We are going to use them.  After sandblasting them down to the metal, they were coated with lard, and baked at 450 degrees for 45 minutes.  Ed used a stove that is in his garage to do this so there would be no smoke in the house.  After the pans cooled for an hour, they were coated with vegetable shortening and baked again.  At this point they had a nice black shiny coating. We have decided to use one set in the house and one for outdoor fire cooking. Ed made a set of hooks to hang them on so that they are handy to get to and add a little touch of country to oour kitchen decor. It is recommended to cook high fat foods the first few times they are used until they get a really good seasoning on them.  We used two of them on the open fire to cook breakfast this morning. I will post about that tomorrow!

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  1. I struggle with cast iron.. I love it.. and I hate it! LoL these look great! My favorite thing to use mine for is to bake in them... my tiny pan I bake a big chocolate chip cookie in.. then warm out of the oven.. I scoop some ice cream on it and Dave and I share it .. Heaven! :)