Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rural Vegetable Stand

Today I opened a roadside vegetable stand to attempt sell off some of our garden produce and egg abundance. I have been doing my personal best to eat cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes and eggs every day, but I can not keep up with the harvest. I do a lot of freezing and I am making unique dishes almost every day, but there is too much. I am giving the vegetables and eggs away to family, but thought I might make a little money on the produce to help pay for things that we can't grow ourselves.  My husband and I painted  a couple of signs to face in each direction on our road.  We live on a well traveled rural road and I am hoping  for some "home-from-work" customers today.  We put up our white EZ-up tent that we have from our days doing craft fairs. We put several signs up and I placed my vegetables on the table.  I am using a peanut butter jar with the "Country Honor System" for payment. There is no time to sit at the stand. Tomorrow I will use a nice tablecloth to make it more inviting!

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  1. Again.. I wish we lived closer.. I would sit out there during the day... could bring my lap top with me and would be a wonderful day.. could have another table with some of your other stuff that is for sale.. would be so much fun :)