Friday, August 17, 2012

Making Mountain Pies

I grew up camping with my family. My mom would always make apple filled Mountain Pies on our trips. I still love having campfires and we always make Mountain Pies when my sister visits. Tonight, Eddie and I decided to make them for dessert at our campfire. I have an old Mountain Pie iron and  I had a can of apple pie filling. The Mountain Pies are made by heating the iron in the fire a little. Butter is then melted in each half of the iron. A slice of bread is placed on one side. The pie filling and a bit of cinnamon is put on the bread. Another slice is placed on top of the filling and the pie iron is closed.  The iron is held in the fire until both sides of the bread are well toasted. The pie is then ready to eat after about ten minutes of cool down time.  I have made pies with cherry filling and pizza filling. For the pizza pies we use pizza sauce, shredded or sliced mozzarella cheese and pepperoni if wanted. You can make grilled cheese, hot meatball, hot ham and cheese or any combination that you would make in any grilled sandwich or panini.  The Mountain Pie makers can be purchased with camping supplies. Coleman makes one. I prefer the heavy duty ones from my childhood and I hope the one I have lasts a long time.

Ingredients for apple filled Mountain Pies
The apple pie is ready to cook.

The pie is toastng nicely in the pie iron.

The pie is ready.

Cooling and almost ready to eat.

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  1. this would be a great thing to take camping.. quick easy hot meal... the possibilities are endless.. now I am going to be looking for one of these.... would fit nicely in the jeep for our adventures up into the mountains in the fall when a hot meal is really nice.