Monday, August 20, 2012

Hubbard Squash and Pumpkin Custard

Green Hubbard Squash and Baby Pam Pumpkin
Opened and ready to take out the seeds to bake
The Hubbard squash and the pumpkin pureed together
Ready to bake as squash/pumpkin custard

I got one little pumpkin so far from the garden. My husband went out to pick cucumbers and found a green hubbard squash that was ready too. I decided that I had had my fill of savory squash recipes lately so I thought I would see what the internet recommended for the use of these two things in a dessert. I found someone's recipe for hubbard squash pie and I decided that sounded like a good idea. I modified it a bit because I mixed my pumpkin with it. I used the recipe on a can of pumpkin I had in the pantry but used my squash and pumpkin instead.  I roasted them and then pureed them together adding eggs, evaporated milk, sugar and pumpkin pie spices. I didn't want pie so I poured the mixture into 4 of my baking bowls. They baked up just like pumpkin pie filling, but I guess since there is no crust I made custard. My husband and I think they taste great! I love coming up with ideas to use up my garden vegetables.

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  1. I love this post! I love the colors in the photos... so beautiful! I also love pumpkin pie/custard.. homemade is the very best.. and adding the squash in is a great idea... I have a recipe for pumpkin cookies that is really really good too.. and can be made with squash.. they are big and soft and super easy.