Saturday, September 26, 2009

Scrap Metal Rocket Sculpture

This rocket is made completely out of scrap metal. It stands about 17 feet tall. The very top is a scuba tank. The next is a helium tank that you get to blow up balloons for a party. Next are four old hot water tanks. The very bottom is an upside down old wash tub, and the fins are cut from sides of an old heater. The support legs are from steel that Eddie obtained from the trash when the welding shop he worked for 9 years ago went out of business. The gray paint came from the same welding shop and has been stored for 9 years. This took Eddie one week to make. He is still going to add details such as stenciled letters and numbers, a US Flag decal and possibly some metal "flames" coming from the bottom. He had fun making it and loved the fact that he was using scraps.


  1. Your rocket looks awesome!

  2. Good looking rocket. I like it.

  3. I like the way you've made your rocket! It looks like you've had a fun week making that one. This inspires me to make a small project using my old stainless steel wing seals to make myself a pen holder.

    Currently I have a lot of sheet metal, metal straps, and stainless steel wing seal to make myself a lot of things, and there will be enough metal whenever I need something to fix my house with.