Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sterling Renaissance Festival

We took AJ to the Sterling Renaissance Festival yesterday. This spring, when we asked him what he would like to do over the summer, his first answer was to find a Renaissance Festival to go to. I found this one from their website and it looked great. It was about 3.5 hours away. We had a great day! The weather was perfect, about 70 degrees and sunny. The festival winds through paths in the cover of trees. There were amazing artisans, fun shows, delicious foods, interactive roaming actors and entertaining games. AJ spent $10 buying tomatoes to throw at a restrained rogue! Eddie earned a "woody" award for a bullseye axe throw and a "hammer" award for ringing the bell at the top of the tower. The quality of the artisans was great. Many of the visitors wore period clothing as well as the villagers. I took over 150 pictures and it was hard to choose just a few to put in this post!
The brochure stated the following:
"The year is 1585. You have entered the village of Warwick, England, a small country town not far from the bustling city of London. Step through the gates of beautiful Warwick and you will soon find yourself greeted by the town's jubilant citizens, who will warmly welcome you as one of their own. Villagers, both fair and foul have left their work and their worry to prepare this festival day in celebration of a rare visit from Queen Elizabeth and her court as she sojourns through the English countryside."

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