Thursday, July 12, 2012

Osprey Nest on Power Pole in Fort Edward, NY


     This power pole with an osprey nest on top is less than a mile from our house on our street. Our local Audubon Society ran a story about it in their newsletter in 2009. They reported: "Nest building is an important ritual in attracting a mate, as the males bring in the building materials to the female. These large stick nests, sometimes five feet in diameter, can be works of art. The osprey worked on the nest in May and June of 2008 but were not successful at nesting. National Grid  (the local power company) removed the nest from the pole, built a platform,and replaced the nest at the site."
     There were no birds using the nest in 2009. I am not sure about 2010, but there were birds using the nest last year and again this year. I think the project was a success!
     We have driven past this nest many times and have never seen birds in it. Today we saw a bird in it so we stopped to take pictures. I took a picture and then the first bird flew away. A second bird popped up and sat there long enough for me to take pictures of it.

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