Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Childhood Home

My husband and I went for a drive past our childhood home in Tomhannock, NY  this fall. The reason I call it "Our Childhood Home" is because this home belonged to my husband's parents and then my parents bought it from them.  It was Eddie's childhood home and then it was mine.  The three windows on the right of the house were bedroom windows.  It was Eddie's bedroom from 1st until 6th grade.  When they moved, it became my bedroom. I had it for 3 years while we lived there. For me it was 5th -7th grade. It makes a fun story to tell people that my husband and I shared a bedroom when we were kids and then explain what I mean. My mother and his mother were friends and neighbors in high school.  They remained friends after high school and Eddie and I met when I was born one year after he was.  We were childhood playmates. When his parents decided to move to Florida, my parents bought their home.  The rest of the story of how we wound up married is for another time!


  1. It seemed so much bigger when I was a little kid living there.
    Lots of good memories from that house, even though I was only there through 1st grade - like sledding down that hill in the front yard and hoping you'd run into the bushes and not into the road and across the street hahaha. And the ice rink Dad made for us out back...and me riding my bike around the poles in the basement... and me being hoisted into the kitchen window when we accidentally got locked out...and the big fish tank Mom had...and that little ramp in my closet because it was over the basement stairs - I was so little it was a slide! I could go on...
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, what a funny and unique story! It's like you guys were meant to be. It must be so cool to be able to share your memories with each other about your childhood home.