Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrating 5 Generations of Mom's on Mother's Day

Ettabella Frost Allen

Audrey Allen Condon

Marie Condon Gray

Ellen Gray Crall

Brenda Crall Van Wie

In honor of Mother's Day and since I am working on family photo projects, I decided to post five generations of mothers starting with my Great-Great-Grandmother Ettabella Frost and ending with me.  I have been involved in tracing my family history for years and I am lucky enough to have access to old family photos to add interest to my information. Thanks to these mom's, I was able to have a beautiful son and be a mom myself!


  1. What an awesome and wonderful way of remembering!

  2. Photos are fabulous. What a great project to be working on. Happy (albeit late) Mother's Day to you!