Sunday, December 6, 2009

John Deere Christmas Village

Eddie has always loved John Deere Tractors. He would love to get an old one to restore. He has a Ford Tractor right now, but still hopes to someday own a Deere. When the John Deere Christmas Village came out I decided it was a perfect collection to start. It is an adorable village setting. The pictures are a little dark, but it is supposed to be night after all.


  1. so much fun...what a great set... this year was the first year I have ever done any type of village.. since we spent the last 5 years doing the house remodel and most of our life and money was spent there... we bought the one from there with the little home depot building.

  2. I love your little village! This year my mother gave me her Thomas Kincaid village but I haven't put it out yet. Your pictures have inspired me though!