Sunday, February 8, 2009

AJ's Lizards

Fonzie the Veiled Chameleon

Tiger and Lilly the Bearded Dragons
AJ currently has a total of 21 reptiles and amphibians in his mini-herp zoo. Fonzie is his veiled chameleon. Our uncle owned Fonzie but left him to AJ when he passed away, knowing he would be going to a good home. Tiger and Lilly were originally rescued bearded dragons. They were taken in by a friend's daughter from a pet store. When she could no longer care for them she gave them to AJ knowing they would have a good home. Lilly is the lizard on top of Tiger. She is showing her only good limb. She is missing 3 legs and her tail. She was attacked by other lizards when she was a baby. They are both doing well and have grown a lot. I will add more of his pets in future posts. AJ is planning to become a who studies reptiles and amphibians. He has had this interest since he was about 6 years old. He would like to own his own reptile and amphibian zoo in the future. His goal is to have as many species as possible representing as many countries as possible in his zoo.

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